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Value Added Products & Services

As the pallet market place changes and add on services become increasingly important, it is essential that we not only keep pace but innovate. We are continually extending the extra services we provide.

Our main services are:

Pallet collars – both new and used pallet collars are purchased and re-sold. Pallet collars now come in various sizes and with their own added partition boards.

Pallet tops – Junction 4 supply new pallet tops in a variety of designs and sizes.

Wooden crates and boxes – Junction 4 supply new wooden crates and boxes in a variety of designs, materials, uses and sizes.

Pallet repairs – Junction 4 has led the industry in pioneering this service to users of new pallets. This service is not only cost effective, it maximises use of the customers' pallet pool, it minimizes waste and can also dramatically lengthen the pallet life cycle.

On site sorting – Junction 4's trained pallet sorters carry out the full pallet sorting system within the customer's site, which reduces manpower costs and ensures efficient sorting.

Stamping and spraying – identification of pallets by branding, stamping or spraying has become more important in areas such as the control of issue and receipt, general identification, and identification for different use.

These forms of identification, including the company name, initials or even date stamping to monitor pallet life, can be on the full or part pallet.

Pallet treatments – the most widely used treatment is ISPM15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures number 15) which is necessary when exporting goods on wooden pallets to various countries. A full list of these regulations is available on request. A heat treatment process is used. The pallets are then stamped and a letter of certification can be produced.

Buffer stocks – we can hold stocks of customers' manufactured pallets on site to help with continuity of supply.

Pallet design – our design team offer computer assisted design using PDS – a unique state of the art pallet design system developed by Virginia Polytechnic and State University. They provide unrivalled advice to improve the cost effectiveness of pallet operations. These designs also provide pallet life cycle, estimated weight bearing and pallet weight information.